Sustainability goals at Ventherm

Our approach to Sustainability

Ventherm A/S has chosen an active approach to sustainability including UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We realized that due to the business we operate in we have a much larger possibility to influence on the environment and sustainability than the size of our company and our direct impact commits to.

We are developing, manufacturing and selling surface treatment plants for heavy industries around the world. Unfortunately the nature of traditional surface treatment is that it requires a large amount of energy, it leaves a footprint on the environment and it is a hard working environment. However, by focusing our efforts on developing and selling new and innovative solutions for the surface treatment industry we can help not only ourselves, but also our customers, in the pursuit of improvement and sustainability. In that sense we are market leader.

Obviously, we ourselves take the same medicine that we are trying to sell to our customers. It means that in our own business we try to find, buy, develop and implement components and new ways of working that contribute to the ultimate goal of sustainability. However, none of us can save the world alone. Therefore we have chosen to pay contributions to a number of organizations working on some of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals that we cannot directly contribute to ourselves. These organisations include among others WHO.

Ventherm’s efforts towards sustainability are primarily related to the following development seen here.

UN Sustainable Development Goal Globe

Ventherm A/S

Our Environmental Policy is to reduce all environmental impacts that arise as a result of the business we run

Environmental goals:

  • To reduce our overall environmental impact through process optimization and reduction of resources.
  • To buy goods and services that respect the environment.
  • To use the latest technology to develop environmentally friendly solutions for our customers as well as for ourselves.

For further information please ask for our Environmental Policy brochure.

Ventherm Environmental Policy (In Danish) →

Ventherm Catalogue

Looking for further information? Please read Ventherm’s catalogue for product designs, company merits, and specifications for use and implementation.

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