Paint mixing rooms

Mixing and pumping rooms are primarily used for storing paint and painting equipment such as pumps, mixers, spray guns, etc., as well as for cleaning them

There are specific requirements for fire compartmentalization, ventilation, and ATEX zone classification, when it comes to paint mixing rooms.

We recommend that parts of the floor be recessed with overlapping grates, which function as a spill tray.

Paint mixing rooms can be delivered with separate heated replacement air. The paint mixing room is normally not designated as a fixed workplace, and therefore, replacement air is typically supplied through a fire damper with a filter built into the wall (vacuum in the room).

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Paint mixing rooms – Ventherm

Mixing rooms

Selected requirements and characteristics

  • Constructed with EI60 fire-approved sandwich panels.
  • Air exchange of at least 60 times per hour when the room is occupied. When the room is unoccupied, air exchange is maintained at approximately 3 times per hour.
  • Effective lighting.
  • Equipped with a cleaning/mixing cabinet with a sink.
  • Flexible point suction arm for placement near open containers.
  • Equipment is approved for ATEX zone 1 or 2.


Paint Mixing Room – lightweight, safe, and practical

At Ventherm, we assist a wide range of Danish and international customers every year with the safe storage of paint and related equipment using our efficient and modern mixing rooms. Here, ventilation, insulation, fire safety, and zoning are well taken care of. You get a professionally designed space that safely meets the requirements of functionality, layout, and extraction needed to handle tasks involving chemicals like these.

All our products are available at competitive prices and with fast delivery. Take your storage to new heights with user-friendly and secure storage rooms from Ventherm. We are happy to tailor the facility specifically to your company and your needs.

Safe Storage of Paint and Painting Equipment

At Ventherm, we provide secure solutions for all our customers – solutions that create value and ensure a safe workflow in daily operations. Working with paint usually requires a significant amount of professional equipment, which needs professional storage.

You will find various solutions for this type of storage here at Ventherm – including plug-and-paint rooms, container solutions, and custom designs. The common denominator for all of them, however, is the high quality.

  1. Professional storage
  2. Proper extraction
  3. High fire safety
  4. Plug-and-paint solution

Here you can find space for items such as pumps, agitators, spray guns, and similar tools used in this profession.

We have considered the small but important details that can make all the difference – we help you create a workplace where everything is taken into account, especially safety.

Special Requirements for Storage and Handling

When it comes to storing and handling hazardous chemicals, there are a wide range of specific requirements that apply. Our specially designed systems comply with all applicable regulations in this field.

Our professional plug-and-paint solution ensures:

  • EI60 approved elements
  • Minimum air exchange of 60 times per hour
  • Mandatory ventilation monitoring
  • Flexible point extraction arm
  • Cleaning/mixing cabinet with sink
  • Optimal lighting

Storing paint products and equipment in a pump room places high demands not only on functionality but also on protecting you as an employee.

When you order the plug-and-paint solution from Ventherm, you can always rely on professional fire compartmentalization, ventilation, and ATEX zone classification.

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Accessories to paint mixing rooms

Paint mixing rooms – Ventherm

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