Paint and sandblasting robot solutions

Automatic self-programming and 3D scanning paint robots for heavy duty industry 

Ventherm A/S delivers robot solutions that allow you to create robot programs without stopping the production.

Ventherm A/S’ robot solution works by scanning the unpainted part in 3D and from the scan the software automatically generates a program planning the most optimal paint paths and optimizing the paint consumption.

Along with the size and shape of each individual part, the position and orientation are also considered by matching the 3D scan with the initial CAD drawing of the part. As a result, the program is optimized for each individual part. With Ventherm A/S’ robot solutions it is also possible to adjust painting parameters such as angles, speed, and paint pressure for each surface type.

Vetherm Paint and sandblasting robot solutions

Robotics for heavy industries

Game-changing benefits

This is a game-changing robotic solution within heavy industry bringing Ventherm A/S’ clients up to the next level.

  • High flexibility and surface quality.
  • Increased production capacity by ensuring a constant and smooth workflow.
  • Optimal paint paths.
    Reduce and control paint consumption.
  • No human robot programming.
  • Reduced costs for personnel.
  • Controlled by app or PC.
  • Reliable software developed in Denmark.

A selection of the range of robots we provide. ABB Robotics is Ventherm’s preferred manufacturer, as they provide top-of-the-line robots for surface treatment. 

Gantry paint robot solutions

Are you looking for high flexibility and efficiency a gantry paint robot from Ventherm might be the right solution. Conventional gantry paint robots are based on offline programming meaning less flexibility, and it places demands on personnel as to positioning the unpainted unit correctly and with high precision in the booth.

Ventherm combines our gantry solution with the latest technology – self programming robots. By 3D scanning the unpainted unit our gantry paint robots can position itself based on the scan and 3D CAD model of the unit. No need for any manual interaction due to Ventherm’s self programming gantry paint robots.

Vetherm Paint and sandblasting robot solutions

PoseFitter system

The blue product represents the 3D CAD model and the yellow model represents the scanned point cloud. The PoseFitter system will match the two models and ensure the 3D CAD model is manipulated in 3D to obtain the same position and orientation as the physical unit which is currently in the paint cell.

The 3D scanning system will scan a 3D point cloud of the product which will be used by a PoseFitter system to fit the 3D CAD model of the product to obtain the correct position relative to the scanned position of the physical product.

Automatic Programmer

The Automatic Programmer will use the manipulated 3D models which represents the production part in correct position and orientation, and it generates the robot program. Also, it sends the program to the robot. The Automatic Programmer is the turning point of the system ensuring high surface quality, efficient productivity and saving costs in terms of low paint consumption and personnel hours.


The Controller is the software ensuring robot programs of the scanned products will be generated by the Automatic Programmer.

The main user interface gives the operator access to calculated programs, and the type of parts which are specified. The controller window is shown on the right hand side.

Vetherm Paint and sandblasting robot solutions
Vetherm Paint and sandblasting robot solutions

Video system

Each 3D scanning solution comes with a video system that records and saves a film of each painting operation and saves the film with the traverse code and time stamp. In case documentation is needed for execution, quality control, troubleshooting etc. of a robot program generated within the recent 2 weeks customers can easy search and find a specific film/job.

The video system has a camera for each robot installed and it receives status of the robots via the plant PLC. The picture on the left hand side is showing the video system. The computer is shared with the Automatic Programmer and the PLC used is the plant’s – which the video system communicates with. The units belonging to the system are inside the red frame.

Ventherm Catalogue

Looking for further information? Please read Ventherm’s catalogue for product designs, company merits, and specifications for use and implementation.

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Blastman Robotics

Sandblasting robots

Ventherm offers a wide range of advanced robotic abrasive blast cleaning systems from Blastman Robotics. Contact us for further information.

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