PLC control system

All installations from Ventherm include intelligent PLC based control systems

The user interface is very simple and easy to control, although it provides a lot of valuable information for the user and owner. Furthermore the control systems are provided with online access for Ventherm’s supervisors in case of service etc.

With our latest version of the control panel you are now able to operate and monitor your paint facility from your smartphone.

Choose Ventherm’s PLC-based control and operate your painting system in a simple and user-friendly way – we call it “plug and paint”!

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Intelligent PLC control

PLC Control for your painting system

Ventherm offers professional and efficient PLC control for your painting system. Our PLC control system is easy to operate and provides you with a clear overview of relevant information such as temperature, pressure, speed, and more. What’s even smarter is that your intelligent PLC-based control system can be accessed online by Ventherm technicians, allowing us to effectively service your system remotely.

Use our app for easier system control

With our PLC control, it has never been easier to manage your system. We call it “plug and paint.” In fact, you can simply use our app to control the system. The app has been developed to allow you to monitor everything and control various functions directly from your device. By monitoring the system through the app, you can keep an eye on the operation of your painting system from anywhere else.

Easy operation and many benefits

Simple operation is a requirement for most painting systems. It should be easy to control, monitor, and operate. With our customized system and PLC-based control, you get an incredibly user-friendly system. Some of the advantages include:

  • Customized painting system with PLC control
  • Easy control and monitoring
  • Digital display/control panel
  • Pressure control and regulation
  • Clear overview with valuable information
  • Monitoring and control through the app
  • Remote control by Ventherm technicians
  • Fast and cost-effective servicing without downtime
  • Possibility of data logging
  • And much more.

Would you like to know more about our PLC-based control for painting systems? Feel free to contact us for a non-binding conversation about your needs. We are happy to answer your questions and help you achieve a professional painting system tailored to your specific requirements.

Monitor the operation of your painting system

The ability to monitor the operation of your painting system is an extremely effective advantage. This way, you can keep an eye on the pressure, temperature, and more. Our controls are so innovative that you can monitor everything from an app. You don’t need to stand right next to the system and look at the display. Just take out your mobile phone or tablet and open the app.

We can also monitor it at Ventherm. This way, we can help you remotely service the control and system if there are any faults or issues. The control is so innovative that we can access and remotely control it. This ensures faster and more cost-effective servicing of the system.

Our technicians can assist with setup

Ventherm can take care of the entire process from start to finish when it comes to setting up your new painting system with PLC-based control. We integrate and prepare everything for you, so you can operate the control and system in an extremely simple way. We are ready to assist and make sure everything works before we leave.

Contact us to learn more

Would you like to know about our PLC-controlled painting systems? You are always welcome to call or write to us. We are ready to guide and advise you on how your painting system with PLC control can be tailored to your needs.

Ventherm Catalogue

Looking for further information? Please read Ventherm’s catalogue for product designs, company merits, and specifications for use and implementation.

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