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Do you need to paint smaller materials? Spray boxes are particularly suitable for painting smaller items or items that are moved along a conveyor.

Ventherm designs and manufactures spray boxes for industrial use. We adhere to all regulations in the production of your spray box and also manufacture it with a strong focus on quality.

All spray boxes are delivered complete and assembled. They are ready for use and only need to be connected to power. We can also manufacture custom-made spray boxes for painting. These run with larger ventilation systems.

According to the standards, the painter must only spray in the direction towards the filter and is not allowed to walk around the item being painted.

Spraybox Ventherm
Spraybox Ventherm

Iindustrial applications

Spray boxes - a plug and paint solution

We call our spray boxes, a plug and paint solution, precisely because you get a high-quality spray box that is ready for use. All you have to do is plug it in, and you can paint your materials.

Your spray box always includes:

  • Secure electrical panel – must be mounted on the wall 1 meter from the spray box.
  • Simple control panel – allows you to control ventilation and lighting – there is also an alarm button.
  • Solenoid valve – ensures that painting cannot take place without the necessary ventilation – thereby meeting legal requirements in the area.
  • Ventilation guard – is mandatory by law and also has a lamp.

This type can be both purchased and rented. We also offer spray boxes for painting that are tailored to your needs. We offer spray boxes in different sizes, with stronger ventilation, more lighting, and higher ducting.

In Denmark, there are several rules when it comes to spray booths and spray boxes. They must, as a starting point, be delivered with ventilation and heated replacement air. There is a requirement of 0.5 m/sec for ventilation in the entire opening of the box. The material must be placed within the walls of the box, and people must stand outside the box during painting.

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About spray boxes from Ventherm

In Denmark, spray boxes must be equipped with balanced ventilation with exhaust and heated replacement air. There are many different uses for spray booths and boxes, especially for painting small items or items placed on a conveyor.

Spray boxes are often combined with a flash-off zone or drying oven. Horizontal ventilation of 0.5 m/sec. throughout the opening of the spray booth is a requirement. The item should be placed within the walls of the booth. The operator must stand outside the booth and not walk around the item.

An effective spray box

Does your company need to paint smaller items? Sometimes it can be a challenge. If your spray booth is constantly being used for smaller tasks, it can cause delays. With a spray box, you can handle smaller tasks without taking up your current spray booth.

It is clear that this is a more efficient way to use your resources, which will result in increased productivity. At Ventherm, you can order a spray box that meets your needs. It can prove to be a solid investment.

The authorities set several requirements for the spray boxes manufactured and used in Denmark. Therefore, it is not irrelevant which spray box is used. Our spray booths and spray boxes meet all the legal requirements that apply in this area. We also have a strong focus on quality. We know how important it is for our business customers that their equipment is durable. Your company can expect this when you choose our efficient solutions.

Spray boxes for business

With us, you can choose to buy or rent a spray box. If you have several tasks that need to be done regularly, it makes sense to invest in one or more of our spray boxes. If you only have a few non-recurring tasks, you can choose to rent a spray box from us.

It is an additional service we offer our customers because we want to meet their specific needs. We always take into account what our business customers demand. Our goal is always to create value for our customers. Therefore, we are always looking for solutions that fit the unique circumstances of our customers.

A durable spray box

Our industrial spray boxes are made of durable materials. We deliver our products 100% complete, which means you do not have to spend time and energy assembling our spray booths. With our products, you get a balanced ventilation of 0.5 m/sec. In addition, you get efficient exhaust and heated replacement air.

As you can hear, our spray boxes meet all the requirements set by the authorities. Our boxes are equipped with a control panel that allows you to adjust both ventilation and lighting. If you need a booth for painting, we can offer booths that are tailored to your needs and wishes.

Spray boxes
Little model (SBL-1000)

  • Perfect for small jobs
  • Good lighting
  • Andreae filters, easy to replace
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Can be delivered on wheels
  • Can be delivered in selectable colour (standard = galvanised)
  • Can be delivered as Plug-and-Paint©
  • which means with fan, control panel etc. fully mounted and ready to use.
  • Built-in fluorescent lamp fitting for proper work lighting
  • Simply connect the power cable.
  • Magnetic valve stops spray airflow when the ventilation is off.
Spray box Little model (SBL-1000)
Spray box Little model (SBL-1000)
Spray box control panel

Connect the accompanying power cable. Control panel to be mounted on the wall minimum 1 m away from the box.

Spray box control panel

Simple control panel:

  • Ventilation on/off
  • Light on/off
  • Alarm/fault lamp
  • Potentiometer in case of fan with freq. converter
Spray box magnetic valve

Magnetic valve stops spray airflow when the ventilation is off.

Spray box filter alarm

Legally mandated ventilation monitoring (filter alarm).

Selected reference with spray boxes

  • Balanced ventilation with extraction and heated replacement air.
  • Many different options and applications.
  • Can be combined with flash-off or
  • drying oven.
  • Horizontal ventilation 0.5 m/sec.
  • The painted items must be placed within the walls of the box.
  • The operator must stand outside the box and cannot walk around the unit.
  • For ATEX and fire codes see page 36.

Spray boxes – air heating units for replacement air

  • High efficiency – low energy consumption.
  • Accompanying control panel includes all thermostats
  • and controllers, etc.
  • Best quality – Weishaupt gas burners, Bentone oil burners, Ventherm water heaters.
  • Combustion chamber in stainless steel.
  • Incl. intake fan.
  • Up to 75% heat recycling available as option.
  • Various layouts and sizes.
  • Ducts, chimneys and fittings are not included in the price.
Air heating units spray boxes

Ventherm Catalogue

Looking for further information? Please read Ventherm’s catalogue for product designs, company merits, and specifications for use and implementation.

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