Blast rooms and wheel blast machines

Blast room supplied and delivered complete in custom design – particularly optimized for quality and capacity requirements

Ventherm provides complete blast rooms designed according to customer preferences and needs.

A blast room consists of ventilation, filtration systems, conveyor systems, blasting equipment, and recycling systems. We can optimize the booth to meet your desired quality and capacity.

Quality is our priority at Ventherm. We aim to set the benchmark for industrial surface treatments.

As an ISO 9001-certified company, we adhere to all applicable requirements and never compromise on quality. All our customized solutions are executed with an approved quality management system, ensuring top-notch safety.

Feel free to contact us for an obligation-free discussion about your requirements. With our years of industry experience, we can design and manufacture an efficient solution for any professional need.

Sand blasting
Blast rooms from Ventherm

Tailored Blasting Facility

Customized blast room or an entire room for sandblasting?

We provide both rooms and booths for sandblasting. This means we can create a solution for you, whether you have smaller or larger items that require sandblasting. The booth is ideal if you have limited space, while the room is the best choice if you have a larger amount of space, such as a large hall, and need to sandblast huge items.

Our blast rooms and rooms can be tailored to your capacity and needs. The facilities are equipped with the following features described on this page.

Ventilation in blast rooms

Ventilation is essential for safety reasons. It ensures good visibility during the sandblasting process, prevents overpressure, and facilitates easier cleaning. Regular checks should be conducted to ensure optimal functioning of the ventilation system.

Filtration systems

Filtration systems remove dust generated during the sandblasting process, while the conveyor system removes used blasting media from the booth or room. The process is mechanical, and all components are made of highly durable materials. The blasting equipment is the essence of the process, enabling you to sandblast your desired items professionally and efficiently. Recycling systems contribute to a more environmentally friendly sandblasting process.

Our facilities and booths for sandblasting are manufactured and customized with additional smart and innovative features such as wireless remote control, trolley and rail systems, filters with disposal in big bags, built-in cranes, and wall-mounted lighting. You can find examples of these features on our website or in our brochure.

Whether you need a blast room or an entire room for sandblasting, we have one of the leading production lines in the market for sandblasting equipment. You can always contact us to discuss a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Blast room from Ventherm
Blast room from Ventherm

Choose Ventherm for your customized blasting solution

Choose Ventherm for your customized sandblasting solution if you desire quality and a focus on safety. Our sandblasting rooms are always equipped with proper ventilation and durable materials, ensuring functionality through repeated use and excellent durability.

Through quality, knowledge, and innovation, Ventherm stays at the forefront of the market, aiming to create added value for our customers. This is also what we strive to achieve with our sandblasting solutions, delivering solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain quality.

We have the perfect blast room for sale at competitive prices. Our solution combines a great price with high quality, providing only advantages for you. At Ventherm, we ensure durable materials, customized solutions that meet your satisfaction, and top-level safety.

The best solution for your blast room needs and requirements

Let us find the best solution for your blast room needs. Our ISO 9001 certification, which Venttherm achieved in 2017, is a symbol to you as a customer that we never compromise on quality. It is an assurance that the solution we agree upon is the best for your needs, and Ventherm stands behind it.

Find your blast room at Ventherm. The booths are comprehensive solutions equipped with everything necessary for professionally executed sandblasting. Our production of sandblasting equipment is among the leading in the market because we use quality-assured materials and provide equipment that meets all customer needs.

Blast room from Ventherm
Blast room from Ventherm

Blast rooms for businesses

We primarily deliver blast rooms for commercial purposes and can provide booths for both large and small sandblasting projects. Our blast rooms are equipped with features such as ventilation, filtration systems, and conveyor systems, all optimized to precisely fit your needs.

Have a conversation with us, and we will provide a quote for your comprehensive blast room solution for your business.

Contact us today

Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs and preferences for your sandblasting equipment. We can help you find the best solution that meets our high standards of safety and quality.

Reach us at +45 62 63 18 68 or via email at, and let Ventherm find the perfect solution for you.

Ventherm Catalogue

Looking for further information? Please read Ventherm’s catalogue for product designs, company merits, and specifications for use and implementation.

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