Accessories Ventherm A/S most often provide turn-key installations for our customers including accessories This wide range of accessories provides a flexible, safe and efficient working conditions for the operators. Below please find a selection of accessories: Dust extraction systems Infrared and ultraviolet drying Lifts from Herkules Filter medias for surface treatment Cleaning and recycling of […]

PLC control system

PLC control system All installations from Ventherm include intelligent PLC based control systems The user interface is very simple and easy to control, although it provides a lot of valuable information for the user and owner. Furthermore the control systems are provided with online access for Ventherm’s supervisors in case of service etc. With our […]

Conveyor solutions

Conveyor Solutions Customized conveyor painting systems for professional mass production A tailor-made painting system with a conveyor solution from Venthern A/S provides increased productivity in the painting and coating work carried out by your company. The system is suitable for mass production of both large and small items and can be customized to meet your […]


Energy-Saving Package – a green solution Ventherm’s systems are designed to reduce all unnecessary energy consumption Our Energy-Saving Package includes: Up to 85% heat recycling VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) on all motors High-efficient motors/fans LED lights Energy-saving programs Ventherm heat recycling systems uses only cross-heat exchangers since rotating exchangers are not allowed for industrial purposes. […]

Operator platforms

Operator platforms Lifts for operators provide safe, efficient and ergonomically right conditions for paint application – especially when painting larger items Wall-Man is a wall-mounted, 3-dimensional, ATEX-approved platform that is driven pneumatically. Liftman is a 2-dimensional platform, ATEX-approved, driven on the floor pneumatically. A manual lift is also available: max. 4,5 m lifting height on […]


Paint and sandblasting robot solutions Automatic self-programming and 3D scanning paint robots for heavy duty industry  Ventherm A/S delivers robot solutions that allow you to create robot programs without stopping the production. Ventherm A/S’ robot solution works by scanning the unpainted part in 3D and from the scan the software automatically generates a program planning […]

Paint mix rooms

Paint mixing rooms Mixing and pumping rooms are primarily used for storing paint and painting equipment such as pumps, mixers, spray guns, etc., as well as for cleaning them There are specific requirements for fire compartmentalization, ventilation, and ATEX zone classification, when it comes to paint mixing rooms. We recommend that parts of the floor […]

Spray boxes – open front

Spray boxes – open front Do you need to paint smaller materials? Spray boxes are particularly suitable for painting smaller items or items that are moved along a conveyor. Ventherm designs and manufactures spray boxes for industrial use. We adhere to all regulations in the production of your spray box and also manufacture it with […]

Spray booths

Our combined spray/drying booths are manufactured for industrial applications and for the automotive industry

Blast rooms

Blast rooms and wheel blast machines Blast room supplied and delivered complete in custom design – particularly optimized for quality and capacity requirements Ventherm provides complete blast rooms designed according to customer preferences and needs. A blast room consists of ventilation, filtration systems, conveyor systems, blasting equipment, and recycling systems. We can optimize the booth […]